printer print‧er [ˈprɪntə ǁ -ər] noun [countable]
1. OFFICE a machine connected to a computer, used for printing documents:

• high demand for colour printers

bubblejet printer [ˈbʌbldʒet ˌprɪntə ǁ -ər] also bubblejet
a printer that works by sending out a stream of small drops of ink onto the paper
dot-ˈmatrix ˌprinter also dot-matrix
an inexpensive, low-quality printer that prints each letter as a group of small dots:

• Dot-matrix printers can, at best, manage 240 dots per inch and are both slow and noisy.

inkjet printer [ˈɪŋkdʒet ˌprɪntə ǁ -ər] also inkjet
a printer that prints documents by forcing very small amounts of ink onto the paper
ˈlaser ˌprinter also laser
a high-quality printer that works by using Laser light (= a powerful narrow beam of light):

• Eastman Kodak Co. has introduced a laser printer for desktop users of IBM personal computers.

2. a company which prints books, newspapers etc, or the person running such a company:

• The world's largest commercial printer

• She found a printer in Iowa who was willing to print her next book.

seˈcurity ˌprinter
a company which prints secret or very valuable things, such as paper money or financial information:

• The mailing facilities of the security printers are the most efficient way of sending documents to shareholders.

* * *

printer UK US /ˈprɪntər/ noun [C]
IT a piece of equipment used for printing documents and images, that is connected to a computer: »

a color/high-speed printer

a person or company whose job is to print books, newspapers, or other documents: »

We are a commercial printer offering pre-press, printing, and bindery services.


The book is now at the printers.

See also BUBBLE JET PRINTER(Cf. ↑bubble jet printer), DOT MATRIX PRINTER(Cf. ↑dot matrix printer), INKJET PRINTER(Cf. ↑inkjet printer), LASER PRINTER(Cf. ↑laser printer), SECURITY PRINTER(Cf. ↑security printer)

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